2017-1475 - Rezoning Property of Zimmer Ventures LLC, document Header 2018-1525 - Rezoning Application of Lancaster County to Rezone 2 Properties Owned By Transformation Church from MX to GB, document Header 2021-1701 - Rezoning Property Located at the Southwest Intersection of Henry Harris Road and Shelley Mullis Road from RN and LDR to MDR (Applicant Provident Bayard, LLC)(RZ-020-2054), document Header 2020-1675 - Placing the Question of Amending the Lancaster County Form of Government on the November Ballot, document Header 2022-1823- Amending Ordinance 2022-1803 relating to Amending the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Detailed Budget, document Header For your convenience, a City zoning map may be purchased in the Building and Zoning Department for a fee. Version Two of Manual J reorganizes the presentation of material provided in previous 2018-1540 - Rezoning Application of Bowman Consulting Group, LTD, document Header 2019-1580 - Adopting Article 2 of Chapter 28 Of The Lancaster County Code Of Ordinances Related To Rehabilitated Historic/Low And Moderate Income Properties, document Header 2018-1511 - Rezoning Property Owned By Pleasant Dale Baptist Church, document Header 2020-1666 - Rezoning Property Owned by Kelley Griffin Barnes Myrick and John Hunter Griffin Family Limited Partnership (Applicant Jade Eastridge), document Header 2018-1490 - Rezoning Acreage in Bailes Ridge from PDD-5 to PDD-27, document Header The City of Lancaster celebrates Black History Month by recognizing influential Lancaster locals February 8, 2023 Polly Jackson wins first Dreamer Award January 11, 2023 City of Lancaster seeks community input for their 2040 Comprehensive Plan December 21, 2022 City of Lancaster Downtown Revitalization Plan LDRP - Final Report with Appendices 00:00 Guards on the open side of stairs shall not have openings that allow passage of a sphere 43/8 inches (111 mm) in diameter. You can submit your plans electronically but they must be signed and sealed according to state regulations. 2019-1555 - Authorization of Issuance of $700,000 General Obligation Bonds for the Reid Pointe road upgrades, document Header Note: All structures (exempt or not) must comply with Sacramento County Zoning Code Development Standards. 2018-1495 - Rezoning Property of Fulton Gasper, document Header 2018-1544 - Rezoning Five (5) Properties Along Henry Harris Road (Applicant Lennar Carolinas, LLC), document Header Share this page on your favorite Social network, Categories always sorted by seq (sub-categories sorted within each category), document Header This includes many threatened and endangered species. Listing for: Walmart. You may also obtain . Ordinance 2015-1345 - Rezoning of Jimaki Witherspoon, document Header 2022-1801 - Authorization of the Acquisition of Real Property for Construction of the New County Detention Center, document Header 2016-1412 Haile Gold Mine Joint Industrial Park Ageement, document Header 2017-1464 - Rezoning Property Owned By Pamela Stewart, document Header 2021-1715 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) regarding Home Occupations (UDO-TA-2020-0309), document Header PRINCIPAL BUILDING A. 4868 (International Residential Code) effective January 1, 2020 Original document Document No. 2021-1780 - Rezoning Property Located at 1535 Jordan Street, Lancaster, SC, From INS to MDR (Applicant Noel Andrade) (RZ-2021-1951), document Header Nebo Baptist Church (Property Owned By Springland Inc), document Header document Header Ordinance 2015-1366 LCI Lineberger Fee Agreement, document Header . 2017-1477 - Authorizing a Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with Unique USA Inc, document Header 2021-1773 - Approval of a Development Agreement for a Development Project known as "The Exchange" (Applicant Crosland Southeast) (DA-2021-0664), document Header REAR YARD SETBACK: No setback is required if two (2) adjacent sides are 2019-1573 - Rezoning Property Owned by Suzanne And Fred Mangano From LDR to MH, document Header 2018-1516 - Rezoning Application of Lancaster County to Rezone Seven Properties In Indian Land From MX to GB, document Header Principal Building (max) B. Accessory Structure (max) C. Additional Height Permitted with Additional Setback Ordinance . September 9, 2011. Exterior Lath/Drywall Nailing (All punctures and holes on the exterior must be caulked and filed prior to inspection. --- (1) --- Editor's note Ord. 2022-1824 - Amending the Economic Development Advisory Board to Add the Greater Indian Land Chamber of Commerce as a Member, document Header 2018-1524 - Rezoning Property Owned by Christine Adams, document Header 2017-1463 - Rezoning Property Owned by Wallace Indian Land LLC, etal, document Header 2019-1603 - Authorization of a Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with Adornus Manufacturing, LLC and, As Project Affiliate, Adornus Holdings, LLC, document Header 2019-1613 - Rezoning Property Owned by Gus Kanos and Chrisoula P. Kanos and Located at 9330 Charlotte Highway, Fort Mill, SC From LDR To NB, document Header Ordinance 2015-1337 - GO Bond Regular Babs 2010, document Header Lancaster County Engineer (If property located in Lancaster County, Nebraska) Trees, Grasses and Ornamentals: Care should be taken in selecting plant materials for your acreage. 2020-1698 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to Allow the Cottage Court Building Type in the Mixed Use District, document Header 1821 Sandal Brook Rd. 2017-1456 - Rezoning Property of Bryan O'Neal, document Header 2018-1514 - Amend the UDO regarding Setback Requirements for Farm Animals, document Header 2020-1697 - Fee Agreement, Fee-In-Lieu of Taxes and Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with RISC, LLC and Cooley, Incorporated, document Header 2017-1438 - Amend Chapter 6 of UDO, document Header 2018-1520 - Amend the UDO Relating to Places of Assembly and Floor Space Area, document Header Search the City Charter; Search the Municipal Code; Search the Design Standards 2020-1663 - Amending the Lancaster County Code Related to the Composition and Operations of the Fire Commission, document Header 2019-1634 - Amending the UDO To Add Utilities - Class 3 As A Permitted Use in Property Zoned INS, document Header Ordinance 2015-1349 - Grant Fancy Pokket additional time to obtain Certificate of Occupancy, document Header CODE OF ORDINANCES OF LANCASTER COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA SUPPLEMENT HISTORY TABLE Chapter 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 2 - ADMINISTRATION Code of Ordinances Supplement 34 Online content updated on June 3, 2022 CODE OF ORDINANCES County of LANCASTER, SOUTH CAROLINA Codified through Ordinance No. 2021-1760 - Amending the Future Land Use Designation of 2 Parcels of Property from Rural Living to Special District - Industrial (Applicant Shaun Williams) (CP-2021-1233), document Header 2021-1708 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to Allow for Landfill - Class One Composting Facility Use in the Heavy Industrial District as a Special Exception (UDO-TA-020-2578), document Header 2019-1615 - Rezoning A Portion Of Property Owned By John Bradford Plexico And Bridgett T. Plexico From LDR to GB, document Header 2019-1558 - Rezoning Property Owned By Timothy Trujillo and Ginger Trujillo (Applicant Gloria Cauthen) from GB to LI, document Header Ordinance 2015-1353 - Rezone property of Ruby D. Catledge, document Header 2021-1754 - Rezoning Property Located at 9839 Kohut Drive from MDR to GB (Applicant Melinda Hoopaugh) (RZ-2021-0962), document Header Your city or county likely will allow, for instance, fire escapes, porches, balconies, awnings, bay widows and chimneys to breach the. Ordinance 2015-1334 - Keer Right of Way for LCWSD, document Header 2022-1810 - Rezoning Property Located at 7984 Taxahaw Road from RUB, Rural Business District, to AR, Agricultural Residential District (Applicant Nathaniel B. Purser) (RZ-2022-0672). 2021-1720 - Amending the Lancaster County Code of Ordinances Entitled, "Motor Vehicles And Traffic," in order to Update the Chapter Governing the Disposition of Derelict or Abandoned Vehicles, document Header 2021-1702 - Rezoning Property Owned By Wilson Acres, LLC from LDR to INS (Applicant Provident Bayard, LLC)(RZ-020-2569), document Header 2016-1413 Haile Gold Mine Fee Agreement, document Header 3 Table of Contents . Online payment is scheduled to be available November 1st. Alternatively, you may . Permit Declarations. 2019-1597 - Amending Section 23-24 of the Lancaster County Code related to Noise, document Header In order to finalize all permits, it is necessary for applicants to sign and submit the Permit Declaration if applying at City Hall. 2022-1803 - Approval of a Detailed Budget for Lancaster County for the Fiscal Year July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023; To Set Millage Rates for the Levy of Ad Valorem Taxes; To Approve a Schedule of Taxes, Fees and Charges, document Header Lancaster is located in Zone 14, which has an energy requirement to have a moisture barrier on all exterior vertical walls and ceilings below attics.) 2019-1591 - Authorization of a Fee Agreement with ServiceMac, LLC for FILOT and SSRC, document Header 2021-1767 - Authorization of the Execution and Delivery of a Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with Bowers Fibers, Inc. document Header 2021-1765 - Rezoning Property Located at 2239 McIlwain Road, Lancaster, SC, From GB, General Business District, To MDR, Medium Density Residential District (Applicant Mark Bridges) (RZ-2021-1666), document Header 2021-1769 - Approval of a Development Agreement with Arbor Construction LLC (DA-2021-0528), document Header Ordinance 2016-1396 Transfer Property to the Town of Kershaw, document Header 2018-1503 - Budget Amendment for FY 2017-2018, document Header 2019-1567 - Authorizing a Standard Tax Policy for Facilities Using Solar Power, document Header 2019-1572 - Rezoning Property Owned by Katawba Valley Land Trust From GB to OSP, document Header 19th February 2020. 2017-1441 - Fee Agreement with Don Construction Products LLC, document Header 2016-1423 Amendment relating to the Policy for capitalization of fixed assets, document Header 2020-1673 - Authorizing the Reimposition Of A One Percent Sales And Use Tax Within Lancaster County For Not More Then Seven Years (Capital Project Sales Tax), document Header 2018-1548 - Rezoning Application of Fred Brackett (Property Owned by Albert Blake Evans), document Header The Eighth Edition of Manual J (MJ8 - ACCA/ ANSI) is the American National Standard for residential heating and cooling load calculations.. The Planning & Development Department coordinates the Planning, Zoning, Building and Construction Permits, Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, Business License Enforcement and GIS/Addressing information for the City. 2021-1713 - Authorization of a Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with Studio Displays, Inc. (Project Smith), document Header Parking in Exterior Setback/Buffe 6. Lexington County. 2020-1694 - Amending the Amended and Restated Master Multi-County Park Agreement Between Chesterfield County and Lancaster County So As To Further Update The Exhibits, document Header Ordinance 2015-1354 Rezoning property of Red Ventures, document Header 2021-1738 - Approval of the Master Development Plan Submission of Arlington Properties, Incorporated (MXU-2020-2740), document Header Lancaster County's rules governing turbines still floating in the wind. Box 1014 114 East College Avenue Boiling Springs, NC 28017 Main Line: 704-434-2357 Mt. document Header 2018-1545 - Rezoning Application of Danny Burch, document Header 2019-1557 - Rezoning Application of Lancaster County For Property Located at 915 16th Street from MDR to INS (Promise Neighborhood), document Header Ordinance 2015-1363 - To amend Procurement Code, document Header 2018-1542 - Rezoning Eleven (11) Properties Owned By Lancaster Land LLC, First Land Company Inc. (Applicant Lennar Carolinas, LLC), document Header 2022-1814 - Approval of a Development Agreement with Two Capital Partners (DA-2021-2803), document Header Once you have your permit in hand you can schedule your inspections by going on www.yorkcountygov.com/permitting or calling Permit Services at 803-909-7200. 2019-1571 - Rezoning Property Owned By Sharon C. Horne From RN to MH, document Header 2021-1766 - Authorization of a Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement by and between Lancaster County and Cherry Tree LLC (Basware). 2021-1716 - Authorizing Lancaster County to Quit Claim Title To Real Property Within an Unopened Portion of Culp Landsford Road, document Header 2020-1665 - Approval of a Detailed Budget for FY 2020-21, document Header Building and Zoning Annexation Petition Grading Permit Zoning Occupancy Permit (Residential) Zoning Permit Application . 2019-1586 - Rezoning Property Owned By Wayne McDonald from MDR to MH, document Header
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